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Power Up with Benefits

Value & Benefits: List


We want you to keep more of your earned commission. With flexible commission structures, that allow you to choose what is right for you and an annual cap, you are in control of your money. Like it should be.


We create leads from many sources, including Boomtown, social media, real estate websites, our sphere and business associates and many other avenues. We pay for all our lead generation and offer a Lead Program that is available to all our agents who wish to opt-in.

Free Systems

Our agents thrive with company provided access to all the systems used by top agents. Boomtown, Landvoice, Volken 7, Mojo Dialer, Cloud CMA, Spacio, SalesGenie, Prop Stream, Corefact, Reach 150 and many more.


The competitive advantage to become and remain successful. For every level of professional, from beginner to business planning, our training is unparalleled. Free coaching and access to all office training.

Zero Sign On Fees

You will not have to pay a sign on fee when joining our brokerage. We cannot believe this actually exists. Seriously. If you succeed, we succeed. So we cut the bogus fees that add up quickly.

Social Media & SEO In House

Our in-house Social Media and SEO  department are there to assist you in your personal promotion as well as promoting your listings. Using multiplication and leverage we will increase your production through exposure.


In-house real estate photography and drone photographers, bringing you professional images and video at a huge discount.

Signage & Lockboxes

Another steep investment when starting a business is signs and lockboxes. We have you covered! Use of our company provided signs and lockboxes can save you hundreds of dollars for each listing you take.

National Listing Exposure

NextHome listings are syndicated to more than 800 websites and benefit from our national and international reach. The added exposure gives your clients an advantage, as your listings are positioned to Sell.

Inspiring Workspace

The bright and modern theme throughout our offices is intentional. A positive and energetic space nurtures productivity and creativity.


"A mutual trust and friendship among those who've spent time together." When you read the reviews of our agents or ask them of their experiences, the common themes are family, support, fun.

Free Coaching

Accountability and coaching with one of the area's leading real estate coaches; Allan D. Burns. Allan has coached many top agents and team owners. He now lends his coaching services exclusively to our associates.

Passive Income 

We provide multiple solutions for passive income. From recruiting bonuses that recur annually, to team building, office partnerships and investment opportunities, our associates can build many income streams.

Multiple Locations

Coming soon! Contact us for details about our #Next location, coming later this year!

Value & Benefits: List
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